French Tutor / Teacher Aide

My name is Erica Beard. I grew up in a bilingual household and studied at the University of Salamanca in Spain.
Passion: Working with Children + Education
Goal: Having kids thrive in a new language

Spanish Tutor / Teacher Aide

My name is Shelley Worsham. I am a Richmond native and I am raising 3 bilingual children (or at least trying to).
Passion: Education + Politics
Goal: Raising open-minded kids that love to learn.
My name is Gillian Green. I am originally from Jamaica, but I grew up in Panama.
Passion: Language + Travel
Goal: To learn Italian & live in Italy.
Thoughts: Learn something new each day.

Spanish Tutor / Teacher Aide

My name is Ellen Herrera. I am a student at St. Catherine . I grew in a fully bilingual home. I am fluent in Spanish.
Passion: Language + Academic growth
Goal: To become a Medical doctor.
Thoughts: Always be the best at what you do. Commitment and dedication are the keys of success.

Spanish Teacher

Program Adminstrator

My name is Rachel Baker. I am a student at St. Catherine. I lived in Switzerland for few years. I am fluent in French, and currently studying Spanish.
Passion: Language + Travel
Goal: To be polyglot.
Thoughts: It is great to be able to speak many languages
I am a native French speaker. I also fluently speak Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. In addition, I speak many African languages as well.
  • Académie des Beaux–Arts: Diploma (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  •  University of Massachusetts: B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Francophone Literature.
  •  Florida International University: M.S. In International Development Education & Second Language Acquisition.  
My name is Massimo D'Addario. I am originally from beautiful Firenze (Florence)-Italia.
Passion: Computer, Soccer (Football) + Education
Goal: Sharing my beautiful language and culture
Thoughts: Italians are the best football players (hahah!) Grazie mille.

Italian Teacher

  • Instituto Cervantes: Diploma of Spanish as a Second Language (Málaga-Spain)
  •  George Washington University: M.S. In Curriculum and Instruction and Spanish Literature ​
  • Pre-k -12 Certified in French/Spanish/ESOL in MD, CT, DC, & VA.

Language Instructor

(French, Spanish, and ESL)

My name is Yalibi Marjolaine D’Addario (Marjo). I am a certified Language teacher and the 
proud mom of one adorable little princess. I founded ENB Languages 4 Kidz in September 2014.