ENB achieved in 3.5 weeks what I could not in 3 years... I can speak to my sons in Spanish without them yelling at me "No Spanish!"... This is HUGE! Thank you!!

~Susan L., Mother of Twins (Age 3)

Children learning a new language will not only be able to easily pick up the native accent (speak like a native), but will also gain the foundation for learning different ways. This will prove helpful for problem solving, logic + reasoning, and multi-tasking. Your children will start to fine tune a key part of their brain at a very young age.

ENB Languages 4 Kidz was voted

BEST LANGUAGE SCHOOL 2015 in the Greater Richmond Area.

ENB Languages 4 Kidz is an enrichment school focused on language acquisition (Spanish, French, Italian and ESL) through the Arts. As our communities become culturally and linguistically diverse, there is a growing need to engage young children in multicultural activities that will ultimately reflect positively in their overall social skills and academic achievement.

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