​Programs are based on a level structured curriculum, divided in learning phases, while incorporating the components of the SIOP Model. Based on Mark Cox ‘s “The Speaking First curriculum, it is designed to focus on speaking & fluency, while building phonemic awareness and preparing students for study in a course book.


ENB languages 4 Kidz is a language enrichment school focused on foreign language acquisition through the Arts. As our communities become culturally and linguistically diverse, there is a growing need to engage young children into multicultural activities that will ultimately reflect positively in their overall social skills and academic achievement.

Culture beliefs are expressed through the Arts, and in turn these beliefs are the foundation of a language. Through the Arts children can experience and demonstrate their learning of a language.

According to Shier (1990) art and art activities provide a unique opportunity for teacher and students to focus in on specific aspects of oral language use, such as intonation and pronunciation, in a way that may not otherwise be possible.

The programs are based on The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It is a conceptual framework, which provides standards for Learning, Teaching and Assessment of languages. The CEFR is used by organizations all over the world as a reliable benchmark of language ability.


We have a real passion for teaching languages to children and watching them flourish. We believe children are sponges ready to absorb everything around them. They are curious, eager, excited, full of imagination, and open to new learning experiences. Due to their natural inclination to explore, children are the best language learners. 

Every passing day the world is becoming more global, & as a result there is a need in every walk of life for communication between different groups of people. Even today job prospects are significantly better for bilingual candidates. Teaching your students a second language now is an essential part of preparing them for a successful future.


Children acquire a new language while exploring a specific theme throughout eight (8) sessions. Each session focuses on a particular theme connected to: Nature, Cultural diversity, Family, Community, Celebration, and  School.