Saturday is the perfect day to continue learning a new language. Come and allow your child to learn Spanish, French, or Italian all while exploring new countries and new cultures.

Ages 6 - 13


 "A child is born with the ability to learn any language in the world," explains Caryn Antonini, creator of Early Lingo ( "The older the child gets, certain windows close in terms of language acquisition, but so long as the child learns the language before puberty [age 12 or 13], the child should be able to speak with a native accent."

Dear Parent(s), Friends, Students, and St. Benedict Community.Our summer camp sadly ended yesterday. Together, we experienced a fantastic 7 weeks journey. Our little, and not so little students embraced our multicultural and language camp.We visited France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Costa Rica, China, Senegal, Algeria, Benin to name a few. We danced to Hispanic, Indian and African rhythms, we cooked and baked meals from around the world. Most importantly we (students and staff alike) learned a lot about ourselves, people around us, and made tons of friends.We decorated pots and planted herbs and flowers. We explored paintings and art forms from artists such as: Picasso, Matisse, Frida Kahlo, Jasper Jones, Romuald Hazoumè, Shoshannah Merieux and Van Gogh.We visited our local Restaurants, Museums and Parks.It was an amazing experience for all!!!! ENB wants to give a warm thank you to St. Benedict School, and Principal Mr. Cruess. Mr. Cruess ,Thank you so much for allowing us to use St. Benedict, you made it possible for us to have this great program. We will always be grateful to you for this amazing opportunity. We also acknowledge the kindness St. Benedict's staff members, and parents showed us during these past 7 weeks. A special Thank you to CARYTOWN PACK and SHIP for sponsoring couple children. It is truly a blessing to have members of our community giving back to children.We had so much fun! and YES! our students learned Spanish, French, Italian and English while truly having loads of fun.For trusting us and giving a new school a chanceWe: Elodie (French teacher), Fanty (Spanish Teacher), Erica (Spanish Teacher), Paola (Italian Teacher), Shoshannah ( Art teacher), Massimo (Italian Teacher),McKenna (ESL Teacher and After school Counselor), Shelly (Amazing Parent volunteer), Savannah (Spanish T.A), Matthew (French T.A), Monet (Spanish T.A), Cole (Spanish T.A), Trista (ESL Intern Teacher), Madison (afternoon helper), Gladys(Spanish Intern), and Yalibi (Founder and Director) want to say to all of you " Gracias, Grazie, Merci, and Thank you!!!!!" for believing in us, trusting us, and being active members of our school.Below you will find videos and pictures of our final Language Immersion Camp 2015!! enjoy!Stay put for our upcoming Fall programs!

Posted by ENB Languages 4Kidz,LLC on Saturday, August 1, 2015

Teachers: Classes are taught by our regular teachers.

Make-up: Classes are based on a group rate. Make-ups are not available. Please check your schedule before signing up.

Tuition: Tuition must be submitted 2 weeks before the start of each session. If the minimum number of students (at least 5 students) is not met, class will be cancelled or a semi-private option will be offered.

Come get extra help completing language homework, projects or ask clarification about content.(French or Spanish)

Middle and High School Support

Preschoolers will learn French, Spanish, or Italian languages through thematic lessons. that will be taught through activities such as songs, art, theater, dance, children's stories and vocabulary in general.

Ages 3 - 5


Schedule will be posted by the end of August